Training in the Early Days

The hallmark of her business is her personal touch and a traditional six year training at the Sir John Cass College of Art & Design, where from the age of 16 she studied jewellery making techniques, including silversmithing, diamond mounting and setting, engraving and enamelling under master craftsmen. Not one to rest on her laurels, in the evenings, she studied gemmology and diamond grading and by the age of 20 was a qualified Fellow of the Gemmological Association FGA and a diamond grading expert DGA.

Her jewellery journey started much earlier though. ‘My mother started her antiques business when I was at primary school, so I was surrounded by beautiful, interesting things from an early age.’ she explains. At the age of 10, she was setting up her mother’s antiques stand at London’s famous Gray’s Antiques Market and every weekend doing antique fairs and trading with customers. This invaluable experience was paired with the realisation that she was creative and very curious. ‘My parents thought that I was either going to be a surgeon or a mass-murderer as my dolls were all taken apart and put back together in the strangest combinations!’ Luckily, her mother gave her a box of vintage pieces, some pliers and some stones and a love of ‘creating and putting things together’ was formed that shaped her future as a jeweller.


Victoria and her Mother, Sylvie