The Watchmaker

I am very lucky to work alongside many master craftsmen as there are so many different skills involved in the jewellery trade. One of these is the watchmaker or horologist.
The process of servicing and regulating a watch is a highly skilled job and a timely process which is all done by hand.
When a watch is serviced by a good watchmaker, the entire watch is disassembled, down to each and every tiny part which are then all cleaned along with the watch case.
Once the watch case and all the parts are cleaned the watchmaker will diagnose any issues or broken parts, ordering new ones if necessary.
The watch is then reassembled, oiling all the parts and adding any new seals that are needed to make the watch waterproof.
Once assembled, the timekeeping of the watch is measured and the watch is regulated by hand making sure it as accurate as possible.
The watch is adjusted in several positions to make sure it runs well before being returned to the owner and proudly put back on their wrist!
The completed watch